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We've designed and made furniture for people who live in crofts and castles and everywhere in between.  We've made pieces for those who have scrimped and saved and for those we're not allowed to mention. To all of you we owe our thanks.

I collected the bowl yesterday and earned very many brownie points with the anniversary present. Thank you for the quality of your service and congratulations on making such beautiful objects. As coincidence would have it, we visited the Courtauld Gallery last week where I took as many pictures of Matthew’s seats as I did of the Impressionists. We thought they (the seats) were just beautiful.

Richard Dunford

A quick note to let you know that my beautiful desk has arrived. The guys delivering it were great, and I’m using it already. Please pass on my thanks to Matthew and the team.

Ben Goodman

I so enjoy having an adult room with lovely hand crafted pieces in it. I can feel the effort and pride put in to the pieces when I’m sitting there. Very rewarding.

Tom Hufton

Katherine’s desk is a masterpiece and gives us both daily pleasure. Your design is handsome, functional and ingenious. Rick has done a superb job. We are proud of the ensemble of furniture you have made for us over the years. Thank you for taking so much care over this latest piece, and for going the extra mile to make it just right.

Mark Venning

We had known Matthew and his work for many years before we commissioned a chest of drawers from him. It was a question of finding the right space for what we knew was going to be a superb piece of furniture.

At last we had a room, in a new house which needed just one piece of furniture, but a really special piece, a piece that had to be made by matthew.

The commissioning process was a joy from beginning to end. matthew came and spent the time needed to get a feel for what the room needed, both in terms of the style of the piece and the wood he would use.

We were given a timetable of how the work would progress and when it would be delivered. every stage was completed as promised and the work delivered on time and within budget.

The result is a wonderful tiger oak chest of drawers, the design of which allows the wood to display its extraordinary qualities. it is a very modern piece of design and craftsmanship, which is rooted in a thorough knowledge of cabinet-making traditions. a piece which sits happily in an old house, creating within the room a conversation, between the old and the new, on the timeless nature of well crafted wood.

Lindsey and John Hoole

Working with Matthew is a pure pleasure. He and his team provide the perfect blend of ultimate service and craftsmanship to ensure the entire experience is first class on a global scale, from the visit to the veneer merchant to the fitting of the furniture with loving attention. We are so glad to have found him - if only all companies could deliver in such a manner!

Stuart and Gill Piller

Your beautiful and comfortable benches do the galleries proud. Work of art themselves. Have just visited and felt compelled to sing your praises. Cheers.


A master of wood with a keen sense of design

Sir Nicholas Goodison

One can see the long line of the Arts and Crafts tradition exemplified in Matthew Burt’s always elegant, sometimes idiosyncratic furniture. He has an individual voice: passionate about standards of construction and display, and always seeking to match perfection of form with the dignified respect for function.

Professor Simon Olding