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For a long time the oval clamoured for attention amongst my sketchbooks.  At first I resisited, then a decade ago it cautiously sloped into the workshop.  This year its insistence burst out of the workshop to play a larger part in our repertoire.  In our ‘Filly stool’ I have married it with our trademark ‘counter-intuitive’ convex curve to give it both comfort and visual sensuality. The added pepper in the marriage is the sculpting of the stools’ undersides and legs.

I originally designed this to accompany our ‘Filly dressing table’. It is now confidently striding out as a stand-alone piece.

Made for you

The pieces have been chosen because we love them and have proven to be irrepressibly popular and you’ve demanded we make them again and hopefully again and again. They are not faits accomplis, or written in tablets of stone, their dimensions, materials and finishes, can be tweaked. This may begin to nudge them towards, or indeed run headlong into, our Slow Furniture-Making Society and the price differences that will entail. All will be agreed before the onset of construction.




W440 x D300 x H490 mm


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