An award-winning project

It is with immense pride we bask in the glow of glory effected by the Ecclesiastical Architects’ and Surveyors’ Association (EASA) awarding a project we worked on its 2021 President’s Award.

This has been given in recognition of the work at St Thomas’s church in Salisbury, where the re-ordering of various areas of the church included the incorporation of new benches and chairs, new lighting, a new entrance lobby and restoration of the famous ‘Doom painting’ above the chancel arch.

The whole venture was overseen by St. Ann’s Gate Architects and our part was designing and making a new altar as a centrepiece for the project.

The Association says: ‘The key new liturgical element is the nave altar table designed by… Matthew Burt of Hindon. His design takes the form of an inverted pyramid, with narrow staves of oak exploding outwards from a notional central point at floor level. This is a metaphor for the church, with many members originating from one point, bound together in one mission. On the mensa of the altar, the staves resolve into a myriad of end-grain squares, resembling a butcher’s block – a striking reminder of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.’

We have a model of the altar at our showroom but do go and have a look at the real thing next time you’re in Salisbury.

You can read more about Matthew’s vision for the altar here.


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