Over the years, we have created a number of pieces we nominally put into the category of “Loud Bark”, loosely defined as follows: “On occasion we just cannot stop ourselves from speculatively making pieces of cabinet-making virtuosity, where we stretch our skills, run with the idea, respond to the impossible and squeeze the budget till the pips squeak. Examples of these rare animals looking for their owners can occasionally be glimpsed in the showroom and on our website”. This is such a piece.

Inspired by a lifetime beside the River Wylye and the elms and ashes that grew by its banks. Texture and pattern seek to express the timbers’ sensuality. This piece uses inlay and sculpting as decorative celebrations of that moment when a pebble disappears beneath the surface of a pool and its consequential flowing out in rippling, concentric circles.

Pippy elm exterior with boxwood inlay; Wiltshire rippled and olive ash interior with Fenland bog oak handles.

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