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A low table with a glass shelf, its ends constructed from end-grain squares, allowing you to see the growth patterns of the tree. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. We put one in the Showroom window a while back and it wasn’t there long. The smooth lines of the top are supported by the chequerboard sections at either end which are quite mesmerising to look at. So many trees; so many years of life in nature.

I have long been fascinated by timber’s end-grain. It is the tree’s narrative: looking into the time it’s taken to grow. I was first struck by this while following a lorry stacked with roofing battens up a motorway. I was getting an eyeful of travelling end-grain.


Ash or oak with glass


W1100 x D540 x H405mm


We offer free delivery to any mainland UK address. We are also happy to arrange international delivery, please get in touch for us to prepare a shipping quote.

Our bespoke furniture is made especially for you, following your order. From sketchbook to timber stack to workshop bench, every piece from our studio and workshop has the hand of the designer-maker upon it. From its design inception to the skill of the craftsman in the making, every stage is considered and relished. It takes time to create these beautiful, handmade objects and to ensure we fulfil our own brief to give of our best.

We currently take 12-14 weeks to deliver, depending on our workshop schedule. You are always most welcome to visit and see your new piece in progress, so if you fancy a trip to HQ and grabbing the opportunity to enjoy this lovely part of the country while you’re at it, do contact us.

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