I first designed and made furniture for the Stanton Guildhouse in 1999. I was selected from a shortlist of British furniture designer makers, assembled by Betty Norbury, a gallery owner and ambassador of the crafts in the UK. Over the intervening years we have designed and made a substantial amount of furniture for this inspiring house. The first piece was the Archive Cabinet, designed to house the artefacts of its founder and guiding light, Mary Osborn. The centrepiece of the archive is a plate made at the nearby Wychwood Pottery with the Latin inscription “Laborare est orare” (labour is prayer).

Mary was driven to create the Guildhouse after her meeting with Mahatma Ghandi and hearing his descriptions of ashrams in his native India. Her passion was ignited and she bought the land upon which the house was built, by volunteers and local people, out of reclaimed materials. The Guildhouse is now available for craft courses and is a centre for discussion, contemplation and holidays, with beautiful accommodation, in a truly lovely location in Stanton, Worcestershire.

We also created a wonderful seating area in the grounds, which you can see here.

It is a place and an organisation close to my heart and I urge you to discover more at


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