A collection of dining tables, chairs, bar stools and low table for a country pub.

Several years ago The Royal Oak in Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire, gave up the ghost in front of the inevitable blows of economic reality. So it remained, in decline, until a quartet of Canute-like knights rode to the rescue, buying the pub and embarking upon it’s restoration. Fortunately their vision included “furnishings of our own time to enhance these ancient surroundings”; values shared by so many of our wonderful clients.

An article from January 2016 in Country Life described the furniture as “the best I have ever seen in a pub.”

We were determined that a local pub should have furniture made from local timber. Wiltshire ash took the lion’s share, with Hampshire and Wiltshire oak, Herefordshire sweet chestnut and Somerset rippled sycamore playing their parts.  The bar stools were made from tiger, pippy and Lucombe oaks, olive and rippled ash, lacewood and rippled syacamore.

You can purchase the stools and benches here.

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