I first designed and made furniture for the Stanton Guildhouse in 1999. I was selected from a shortlist of British furniture designer makers, assembled by Betty Norbury, a gallery owner and ambassador of the crafts in the UK. Over the intervening years we have designed and made a substantial amount of furniture for this inspiring house. The first piece was the ‘Archive Cabinet’, displaying selected works and associated memorabilia of the Guildhouse’s founder and driving force, Mary Osborn.

We are proud to have been associated with this wonderful resource and some of the individuals who have driven it. Initially Frances Lang whose energy continued the founder’s ambition, forged links with Lord Andrew Mawson, his wife Susan and their son Angel. Their vision built upon Mary’s legacy in bringing the house to its present dynamic continuation of its sixty year contribution to the culture of our country. It is a place and organisation close to my heart. I urge you to look at its website to get a closer look and understanding of its history, legacy and ambitions.

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