A delicate oval, conceived as a dressing table but just as lovely for any other use. The sycamore tree is considered by many to be a weed. I rather like weeds and I also find sycamore’s timber deliciously sensual. Its delicately pale grain has a shimmering, lustrous look and a silky softness to the touch. The drawer fronts and apron are hand chip-carved by a maker with a very sharp gauge chisel, which layers more texture onto the surface.

In our Filly stool, I have married the oval with our trademark ‘counter-intuitive’ convex curve that belies its looks to provide unexpected comfort.

I had observed that most conventional chair seats had a cup-shape curve, the upturn of which provided little comfort and prescribed which way you sat upon it.

I worked on the convex option, finessing the size and drop of the curve to allow you to sit facing either way in comfort. The added pepper in the marriage is the sculpting of the stool’s undersides and legs.

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