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It must have something to do with a mis-spent youth, idling away time loitering at the withy bed’s edge, lobbing pebbles into its murky waters.

We have a workshop tradition that celebrates an apprentice completing their five-year training. It goes like this. I design a piece that’s been brewing amongst the fringes of the sketch books during those five years. The design will express and stretch the virtuosic skills honed during their apprenticeship.  It’s a big deal all round. For me it not only provides the excitement of seeing an idea become an object, but also the vicarious pleasure in a maker’s blossoming. The piece is a rite of passage, a witness to the tenacity, determination and compulsion needed to become an extraordinary maker.

In the case of ‘Pebbles-in-a-Pool’ I wanted to capture something of the moment when the pebble disappears beneath the water’s surface and its consequences flowing out in rippling concentric circles.  Throw in two and the circles interconnect, three more so, four, five even more.  This piece uses inlay and sculpting as shameless, decorative celebrations of that moment.

About Loud Bark

On occasions we just cannot stop ourselves from speculatively making pieces of furniture fabricating virtuosity where we stretch our skills, run with the idea, respond to the impossible and stretch the budget till the pips squeak.

There are ideas that spring from the sketch book that have an impatience all of their own, they force themselves upon us.  Inevitably the decision as to whether or not one of these is bought into the world will be the question ‘can they be financed’?  Celia and I wrestle with the real world and then occasionally make the bold decision to jump off and a Loud Bark is on its journey of manifestation.  Watch this space, keep your ear to the ground, something extraordinary this way comes.


Pippy elm exterior with boxwood inlay and Wiltshire rippled ash interior


W1100 x D440 x H1740  mm


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